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I signed a birth certificate and an acknowledgement of paternity for a child that is not mine. i didn't find out until 4 yr late

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i am a soldier in the united states army. in 2008 i signed a birth certificate for my daughter. i signed a waiver of paternity which gave me 60 days to reverse the process, but immediately after signing, i returned to iraq for duty for another 8 months. after returning i took a dna test and found out the child was not mine. i tried to have my name removed but since i sign the waiver of paternity, i was not allowed. i just wanted to know that since i was on r&r during the signing and had to return to war, would that give me the opportunity to take my name off of the birth certificate.

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You need to get a consult as soon as you can. You will need to give the atty's office her full name so the firm can do what is called a conflict check. There is no clear and cut answer here and it is very complicated . You should not discuss any further circumstances of this case in this blog, because you would be waiving atty-client privilege. Get a consult now.

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