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I signed a 3 year contract for a job in the telecommunications field and they breached they're contract with me

Chicago, IL |

it stated clearly in my contracts they only do a 10 year background check they really conducted a 20 yr background check I gave up my apartment, job, etc to relocate suppose to leave tonight they called me today and told me they wasn't going to be able to let work for them because I had a possession of a concealed weapon charge in 1994. I passed the drug test and was under the impression I also passed the background check when they sent me contracts finalizing the 3 year agreement. I want to sue them and if its possible what type of attorney do I need to retain?

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An offer about a potential contract does not a contract offer make


Did the employer sign the contract? If so, it is enforceable according to its terms. Meet with an Employment Attorney to read the contract. It may be contingent on things like satisfactory passing of a background check, etc.


It all turns on the contract provisions and whether the company signed the contract. FWIW, It would be an odd employment check and application process that through limits in its questioning overlooked the opportunity to document criminal charges.

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