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I sent a letter to a judge requesting a reconsideration hearing.

Waldorf, MD |

I just received a memorandum stating that a copy of my letter was sent to the States attorney office and a copy to the public defenders office. It was from the judges admin assistant. It says to them "attached you will find a copy of Marquis (me) letter regarding the above case. (The one I am attempting to get a reconsideration on) please handle and respond accordingly"
Does this mean I will get a court date or that my request was denied. Note that the initial case was 2 years ago.

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Much information is needed to accurately answer your question. A motion to modify a sentence must be filed within 90 days of being sentenced so if that is what you are talking about.

If you had the public defender, perhaps they did and you should check with them.

If your question is NOT regarding a motion to modify your sentence, please post additional information to assist with answering.

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If your request were denied, it would clearly say so. The judge copied the state, because you were supposed to do so, and the judge copied the public defender, because that office might help you before you make another mistake. You should contact the public defender before you get your own request denied.

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