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I send the I-102 form about two weeks, I found out in some cases they ask for more evidence so should I send a copy of the visa

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Just in case if they need more evidence so I dont have to wait that much, because right now the waiting of the replacement is about 7 months

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If your question is whether you should send additional documents in connection with the Form I-102 you have already filed (i.e. mailed), then I suggest that you actually wait until you hear back from immigration. Even if you do send additional documents after filing the I-102, it is likely that the additional documents will never make it to your immigration file for this case. While it might have been helpful to send additional documents with the initial I-102, at this point I would wait. You may call the toll free number at the bottom of your receipt for the I-102 to get an update on the case. You may also check on the status of your case online at


I agree with my colleague -- sending additional documents after filing but before a request for evidence would not be very helpful. Even if you send a copy of your visa now USCIS may still ask for additional evidence.

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What other evidence they may ask for ?


I agree with Mr. Pineiro

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It is too late to send in more evidence now ... it will get lost in the mail room.

Wait for them to ask ... they will send a sheet with a bar code ... to make tracking easier and reduce the risk of loss.

Yes, it takes a long time ... that is the unfortunate price you pay for having lost your I-94 ... sorry.

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