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I reside in Michigan and recently I was basically "kicked out" of my apartment.

New Baltimore, MI |

The landlord is holding two pieces of furniture and a television of mine for "non-payment" of rent. The landlord did not abide by the tenets of our lease agreement (ie. thirty days notice to vacate) and broke other verbal agreements as well. The landlord never filed nor was I ever served with an eviction notice. Is it legal for the landlord to hold my possessions in this manner. What are my legal rights and/or recourse to retrieve my possessions?

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See a landlord / tenant attorney at once. Michigan has strong protections for tenants, but you have to assert those rights. You can search for a landlord / tenant attorney by AVVO search. Look at the profiles of the attorneys listed, and call one you like.

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You will have to engage an attorney, and have them read the rental agreement. As you will incur fees it might be more economical to pay the past due rent and retrieve your property. Generally the only thing you will be able to accomplish is the delay of your departure. You may also find yourself subject to a judgment for the arrears. Speak with a practical attorney.

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