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I reside in Harris County texas and have standard order of custody. I am a non custodial parent. My ex wife keeps threatening Me

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My ex wife keeps threatening me about taking kids outside the country or state even though I follow my custody requirement. Infact, I took a whole week off when she went to Vegas on business trip. However, I had to be on call for one weekend and there was a scheduling error she started threatening me that she would take my kids away forever. She keeps demanding money for lavish birthday parties upon refusal she starts defaming me that I am a bad father.Now, she is also defaming my current girlfriend.She sends nasty text messages at work about taking my kids away that creates lots of mental pressure. I am an emergency medicine physician and I love my kids to death but this kind torture really affects me. Our house is on sale and if I don't do as she wishes she threatens to hinder the sale.

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This is a complicated situation. You should talk with a good family law attorney. Does your custody order have a geographic restriction? If not, you should go back to Court and have one added. This will prevent her from moving the residence of the children outside of a geographic area. Most Harris County Courts take these very seriously. You also should have an attorney look at your final order concerning the defamation. If there is an injunction, it can be enforced. If not, one should be added. I have changed custody from Mom to Dad because of violations like these.

Good Luck to you.

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein


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I would encourage you to put your children into counseling immediately. The therapist could testify at trial as an independent witness as to what the children tell him/her. I feel sorry for your children. Their lives must be stressful. They need someone to talk to to help them.

It is a pity when parents cannot co-parent together. But I suspect that she has behaved this way for a long time. If I talked to you in person, I suspect that you would tell me that she behaved this way in your marriage too. She's just mad that you have a gf & that you left & you took the "money" with you.

Please hire an attorney & listen to your attorney. These type of cases are difficult. Good luck!


It is not your ex wife, but rather the existing court order which should seemingly control visitation and domicile issues. The order can also be modified to address any problems you are currently encountering which could be solved or controlled by additional orders. I would be glad to visit with you about the appropriate steps you should take to remedy these matters. I have attached a link to my website containing my background and contact information. Call me if you want to visit further about these matters.

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