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I requested for the Guardian AdLitem to speak with my children, whom wants to stay with me and are also being taught to be

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against me.I am the non-custodial parent.I recently requested that I could bring the children into her office and she told me that she would like to come out to my house to speak with the children.Is there a specific reason she wants to come to my house?I have filed for a modification of custody for my three sons because of their mom always denying me visit 4 no reason.She is just being uncooperative because I am no longer with her and she tries to make me as mad as she can because she know that If I am unable to see my kids that is what will get to me. So I am going through the courts now.I also filed contempt charges because of her withholding visits.I was recently at one of my sons football games & the other two sons weren't playing. They came in with their mom& didn't speak to me. I ca

led my oldest son (12 yrs old) to come here and he came over. I asked him did he not see me and why he didn't speak. He said he didn't know. I let the situation go until my next visit. I then questioned him again and he said because his mom said he needed to sit right there and that it wasn't my visitation time. I asked him, if you would have came over and spoke to me, would you have gotten in trouble. He said Yes. This was the reason for me asking the GAL to speak with my children. They also ask if they can stay with me all the time and their mom tells them no.

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GALs are free to interview parents and clients wherever they feel comfortable as long as the party involved agrees. Maybe the GAL wants to speak with you and wants to see the condition of your home.

This information is intended as general information only. This communication does not establish an attorney-client relationship between me and the asker.

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