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I requested ADA accommodation, the employers form to doctor is for a Physical Capacity Evaluation. Must I go to a Work Clinic?

Seattle, WA |

Does my doctor have to use the employers form? She is Family Med, not an Occupational Doctor. She has called work clinic and they say private insurance won't cover a Physical Capacity Evaluation. This is not an L&I claim.
I'm disabled. Can't she say it her own way on her letterhead?
This is a big national corporation, I expect intimidation. I called the EEOC to ask, but they hung up after I held 2 hours. I would appreciate your advice.

Fibromyalgia is the disability, for accommodation: decrease repetitive motions, decrease time sitting in chair, and increase rest periods. I keyboard and use the mouse, I am a customer service representative for the last 13 to 14 years; I have been a part time employee with this company the last 16.5 years. The new boss has decided that I am now a full time employee. After the L&I claim 13 years ago I transferred to Cust Svc and worked Tues, Thurs, Sat schedule. That was an informal accommodation for the fibromyalgia.

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Yes, your doctor can say it any way she wants on her letterhead. The Company then has to engage in the interactive process with you to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be made. That much is clear.
What's unclear from your question is what accommodation you are seeking. That is probably a critical piece of the puzzle.
-Alex J. Higgins