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I reported some one for tax fraud, how long will it take the IRS to respond

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I faxed the person's tax forms to the IRS for tax fraud.this person used two dependents that were not theirs to use.

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The IRS is not likely to respond in this situation. If you are an ex-spouse the service will give the dependency deduction to the first parent to claim it whether they are entitled to or not out of administrative convenience. Your only recourse will be in civil court.


The question is a little confusing. Were these dependents you were entitled to claim on your return? If they are dependents you were entitled to claim you will need to file a paper return with the dependents listed on the return. The IRS will flag the return as the social security numbers were used on a previously filed return. The IRS will then investigate as to who can rightfully claim the dependents.

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The IRS is unlikely to respond to a report that someone else has committed tax fraud. If you wish to try to collect an award for being a whistleblower, bo to If you are concerned because these are your dependents, then one of the other fine gentlemen who has already responded has given you excellent advice.

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