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I rented a house for a couple of month's to find out my landlord plummed the gas line wrong and my gas was shut off for safety.

Fort Smith, AR |

I had to move because he would not fix it and I would not pay rent because I require hot water and the ability to cook for my child. He also came in the house to do repairs when my child was home alone and the sheriff said he was not allowed to do that either. He did not give my deposit back and I think we can sue him for breach of contract. I do have the letter from the gas company showing it was shut off due to safety along with pictures and it could have blown the house up, he used tubing instead of steel pipes had it running into the ground like this and into the attic next to the heater. I know I can take him to small claims court but I want more than $5000.00 . If I take it to small claims court and loose can I appeal their decision?

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Your damages are going to be limited to either money you've spent or lost, you're not going to be able to sue your landlord for a large amount of money unless you actually suffered damages.

I would recommend hiring an attorney to recover your security deposit, either by suing or by sending a demand letter.

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