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I rent month to month a basement level in house, pay May rent. What do I do & what can landlord do to me,

Hyattsville, MD |

This is a basement in a house but I have a key to the whole basement,but is not an actual an apartment no lease have paid security and landlord also has not repaired items neede3d and I have a mold problem. He opened the door at 6 am with his key and screamed he wants his money. I have less than 40.00 to my name and I am 60 year old female, unemployed and get only 270.00 per week. ( Due to an emrgency by an uninsured friend I am out the money because he needed dialysis and his bills are so high they would not take care of him without some payment) I have lived there since January 2013 and this is the first time I could not pay and have always paid in the 1st

Question line should read CAN'T PAY MAYS RENT

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Because you are in default for non payment the landlord has the right to seek to evict you by giving you notice and then filing for repossession in district court. Only by way of a court order can he have you evicted, which can take a few weeks. You will still be on the hook for the unpaid rent.

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