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I recieved a ticket yesterday for not stopping at the stop line bar.I did stop a little beyond it.

North Port, FL |

I told the cop i stopped where i could safely see that it was safe to proceed.What should i do?Fight this or pay the fine and go to traffic school.Thanks Paul G.

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If you want to save the traffic school option for later, I would hire an attorney and fight it. Either way you probably won't get points. Most likely the traffic school option would be the cheapest option, but you can only do traffic school once a year and five times in your lifetime.

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There is some dispute in several jurisdictions as to what the law means when it says that we must stop "at" the stop bar/line. If the legislature wanted us to stop "before" the line, they could have said so (in other places in the law, they do say so, so why not here, if that's what they meant?".

Anyway, the law does permit a driver to pass the stop bar so as to see oncoming traffic. However, not all judges agree on this matter. I would not defend this alone. Hire a traffic attorney. Good Luck!


You have three options:

1) pay the ticket, which admits guilt and get points on your license and possibly an increase in insurance rates.
2) Take the traffic school option, you can do it on-line, and it will cost probably just as much as paying the ticket but you will get not points that can affect your insurance.
3) Hire a traffic lawyer, they typically charge between $59 to $100 per ticket. Then the attorney just might be able to get the ticket dismissed or resolve it without traffic school and missing a day of work to fight it. Even if the lawyer cannot beat the ticket, usually the judge will not order traffic school, just court costs (if your driving record is good, I assume).

I think options 2 or 3 are the best.

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