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I recieved a speeding ticket 85 in a 65 mph. The officer put the wrong court date. Will they dismiss it?

Clarkesville, GA |

I have only had 1 out of state speeding ticket about 6 yrs ago and no other tickets or points at all. I was clocked going 85 in a 65 on Ga 365. I didnt see the evidence of that though. He gave me a ticket with the wrong court date on it. He put the date for a Sat. I called to make sure but the fine is $180.00 and I want to see if they will reduce it. Do I have a chance?

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This is called a scribner's error and can be corrected by the officer or prosecutor in court. It will not automatically result in a dismissal. You always have a chance to have the speed reduced but it depends on the facts and circumstances of your case as well as your past driving history.