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I recently violated my probation by getting arrested, how will this affect my case?

Culver City, CA |

I was originally caught with heroin and was charged with 6 months live in program and 3 years probation . I couldn't afford a rehab that had a detox facility so I had to detox off methadone before I could enter the program . I was about 3 weeks until I would be off methadone and enter the program and I had a PTSD episode at a local restaurant . When I was taken to the hospital they found marijuana and ketamine ( which I had used to help with withdrawals ) on me . Since then I was psychiatrically evaluated and have been taking klonodine which has helped the PTSD and anxiety and have been clean from all substances . Will this violation send me to jail and mess up my chance for rehab ?

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Clearly you are looking at a new law violation and a probation violation. Both of these could potentially carry jail time. It sounds as if a program would be best for you. You need an attorney that will fight to get you in a program.
Robert Driessen

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Given that you were on probation and have picked up a new case you are looking at a violation of probation on the initial case. You should retain an attorney who can present all the facts regarding your mental situation to the court and hopefully get you into a drug and mental health program that can address you issues and keep you out of custody.


Impossible question to answer with any degree of certainty. It is a possibilty which is why you should retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. Your liberty is at stake!


It appears you will need an experienced attorney in this matter to represent to the court the pertinent facts and the reasons why you shouldn't go to jail. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation. It is advisable that you meet with at least one soon.

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