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I recently purchased a vehicle from a dealership. After speaking with the financial manager, It appears that their system has

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a issue with it that results in charging more to consumers. The numbers appear to line up on the front of the contract, but behind the scene.. How can I possibly find an attorney for a class action suit for this possible case. The manage change a number to reduce the price by $500.00, but all the numbers on the sheet was the exact same.

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How would a class action help you? You didn't actually tell us what the problem is, but if you think the contract is wrong then you can take it to a consumer lawyer in your area. If you just signed a bad contract because you didn't read and understand it before signing, or relied on something "behind the scene" not in the contract, it is generally your responsibility.



A class action suit would be suggested due to the number of consumers that have been scam by this manipulating method. Clearly, something should and can be done. Where do I need to start. The problem is all the numbers adds up on the contract, but when the dude change the numbers --it drop the bottom line price but the others numbers did not show any adjustment.


Car dealers are very good at manipulating numbers. And manipulating consumers. It is hard to understand what you are saying. It papers that you thought the dealer was reducing the price by $500 but none of the numbers changed on the contract. How did you not catch that before signing? The Georgia courts are unfriendly to the idea of contradicting something like the price that is spelled out clearly in a contract.

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