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I recently moved from Colorado to North Carolina for work and will miss a contempt hearing. What should I do?

Wilmington, NC |

I have a court appointed attorney, however she is saying that I could be required to appear in person for this final contempt hearing. The contempt matter has been solved, this hearing is only concerning the other party's attorney's fees. I am current in all my support payments and as far as I know am in good standing with the court, so can I really be required to travel across the country for a 20 minute hearing about lawyers fees?

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If you fail to appear for a contempt hearing, you could be held in contempt. You should discuss this with your lawyer. It might be possible to work out a payment plan regarding the attorney's fees that would enable you to stay here and avoid the cost and lost wages to return. That might well be your most cost-effective option. Good luck.

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