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I recently had a fender bender and was charged with reckless driving. Can this be reduced? I have a clean record otherwise.

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I inadvertantly ran into the back of a car who then bumped the car in front of them. The first car had slowed to almost a stop at a green light due to blinding sunlight which created a chain reaction of fast breaking. I unfortunately was not able to stop in time and hit the back of the car in front of me. There were no injuries and no damages to any other vehicles except my own. As a result I was charged with reckless driving. Is there any way to have this charge reduced. I have a clean driving record and would not want this to negatively affect background checks for employment, etc.

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A reckless driving charge can be reduced, however, it is a situational basis of determination. In order to find out if your ticket is one that can or could be reduced you should consult a local attorney who specializes in traffic citations. It sounds to me as if the citation was extreme based on the circumstances, however, a local attorney would be better positioned to advise you.


I suggest you retain a traffic defense attorney to advise you and defend you on this ticket. There are a number of defenses to a reckless driving charge. If the police officer did not see the collision, he will probably need other witnesses against you for a conviction. Discuss your options, including a possible reduced charge, with your attorney.

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Best bet is to retain a local traffic court lawyer in your city to fight ticket.

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I am not familiar with how traffic courts in your jurisdiction operate. I know of many where the recipient of the ticket intially pleads not guilty then goes to court and plea bargains to a lesser offense.
you should consult an attorney who practices in your local traffic court in your city regularly to counsel you on the best way to proceed

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