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I recently got kicked out and 86 from a casino in Reno NV. I was falsely accused of taken chips from another player.

Reno, NV |

My boyfriend and I were gambling BJ, we lost all of our chips. My boyfriend left to go get more money to gamble then the guy sitting next to me started flirting with me then he started betting for me by putting his chips on my circle we were winning so everything was ok. Well next thing I know I have security asking me to leave because this guy was falsely accusing me of taking his chips I tried to explain the cituasion to security but they took his side and had me 86 from the casino I left but the next day I called and spook to a manager in the security department, I explain what had happend and he said he would have surviliance look back at the video tape and that they would get back at me. Everyone in the casino is saying I'm a thief.

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Remember too that security officers are private and not public law enforcement so if they search you and find contraband they are not subject to the search and seizure laws like the police would be. However the security guard will turn you over to the police and you will probably be arrested or cited not only for trespass but for possession of narcotics. Even though the casino gives you free drinks, or if you go clubbing and drink, don't let yourself get out of control. If it's a place you like you may not be able to come back. Also security has been known to rough up people who disturb the peace, become disorderly, abuse personnel or treat security with disrespect.

Going onto another persons’ property with the intent to annoy the owner or occupant or to commit a crime there,1 or

Willfully going on or remaining on another person’s property after having been warned by the owner or occupant not to trespass.2

In short, you may be arrested if you go or stay on somebody else’s land without their consent. It sounds simple, but let’s break it down with a few real-world examples:

Trespass in casinos

Trespass is one of the most frequently cited crimes in Las Vegas casinos, and the people arrested for it usually did nothing unlawful. Casino security guards often overreact to innocent situations and have patrons trespassed simply for looking suspicious or loitering.

Trespass for refusing to leave

Many trespass arrests stem from situations where an allegedly rowdy patron refuses to leave after having been asked to by a casino security guard. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney

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