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I recently got arrested in VA on my first DWI charge, but have a WV license. What is going to happen to my WV drivers licensee?

Martinsburg, WV |

BAC < .15, traffic stop. I actually got another DWI 1 1/2 years ago, but the case was dismissed. Will that be held agains me in my present case?

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My suggestion is that you obtain the services of a qualified DUI attorney without delay. Given your location in relationship to VA I would try to seek counsel licensed in both states. You need a defense to the new charges in VA as well as someone who can at least advise you of the WV license consequences. My guess is that you a running a significant risk of your WV license being suspended if you do not successfully defend the VA charges. Good luck.


Both states are part of the Interstate Driver's License Compact, which basically means that if you are suspended by one state for a DUI other states that are part of the compact will find out. They will honor that suspension. You do need to hire a DUI attorney immediately.


IF you get convicted of DUI 1st offense in Virginia and it gets sent over to West Virginia, West Virginia will notify you of a 90 suspension of your WV driver's license in the mail, with an effective start date of your suspension. You will be required to take an 18 hour license reinstatement course as well. *If you are already enrolling in the VA ASAP program to satisfy VA, WV also honors this course. So, don't need to take twice. IF suspended down the road by WV DMV, you can also get the suspension down to 15 days, with 120 days of the blow n go around steering column from there. WV does not do work permits. Lastly, if your DUI one and half years ago resulted in your WV license being suspended, WV will treat this new one as a 2nd offense on the license side, which is 1 year down no driving with 2 years mandatory blow n' go. If have not already, you should immediately seek consultation with a Virginia attorney who specializes in DUI defense. How your Virginia case is handled will affect WV license status greatly. Good luck. /s/ Harley O. Wagner, Esq. -

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