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I recently found out that my attorney didn't give me important information

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Recently I found out that my ex's lawyer requested a Discovery from me last month. It was due the beginning of this month. I didn't get it until the 22nd. I also had a hearing on the 23 that I didn't know about. Now I have court on the 30th, which she didn't tell me about. I have been talking to an attorney hotline and was able to find out about the court date. My attorney told me the Discovery was due on the 30th and when I told her I had court her response was "you won't if you give them the discovery." I have emails and the envelope as evidence. I asked her to withdraw and have hired another attorney to help me. I am worried about getting fined or being in trouble. I also found out he was awarded an attorney through the courts. How is that possible??

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Since you apparently have a new lawyer, you should express your concern about getting fined or being in trouble to him or her. Judges' attitudes on discovery abuse vary widely and your lawyer would be the best authority on exactly what happened in your case and what your judge is likely to do about it.

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "he was awarded an attorney through the courts," so I am unable to address your question about that. Again, since you have a lawyer, you should ask him or her this question.



Thank you so much. I don't understand how he was awarded an attorney either. My attorney told me about it the other day and I had no clue what she was talking about. There is no reason he was awarded one so I am not sure if he lied to get it or not. I don't understand how it works. My new attorney is going to look into it.


Discuss this in person or on the phone with your new attorney who you are paying to represent you in this matter.

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