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I recently found a photo of me being portrayed as an employee for a company that I do private contracting for. Can I sue them?

Orlando, FL |

My company does contract work for another company. I recently noticed a photo specifically taken of me portraying me as one of their employees. I am not one of their employees but they want to pull the wool over their customers eyes into believing the type of work I do is done at their facility by me as an employee. I never gave them permission to use a photo of me on their website to promote their business. Our business relationship is over. Can I sue them and if so how much can I expect in compensation?

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Yes. You have a cause of action against them. Consult an Intellectual Property lawyer.


You may have a cause of action for misappropriation of likeness. Misappropriation of likeness occurs when someone uses your name our likeness, without your consent, for the purpose of direct commercial promotion. I age that you should consult with a competent intellectual property and/or personal injury attorney.

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You might have an action for misappropriation or invasion of privacy. Typically your damages are tied to the financial gain attributed to your involvement or actual damages done to you by the portrayal.