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I recently filed for contempt of court against my sons father for talking negatively about me. What can happen?

Theresa, WI |

My sons father has always been rude to me since we have split, and i knew that he woudl say some off color things to my son every now and then, but it hit home when he told me that i "live like a pig" and that i am "lazy and incapable of keeping a job" in front of my son. I recently pick my son up from school and his teacher and i were talking, when my son interupted and told us that i "live like a pig". i asked him where he heard it and he told me his dad says it. his teacher told him it was rude to interupt and connor proceded to the office when i learned that this is not the only time my son talks about me, or his dad. i would never dream of saying these kinds of things to my son about his own dad. my question is, did i do the right thing? and what could happen in this case?

it says in the agreement...that as a parent you are to, Encourage good feelings from the child about the other parent and his extended family. and also states... refrain from fighting, arguring, or degrading the other parent in the presence of the child or where they might overhear you.... if that helps anything.... wouldi need to give proof? and if he says he doesnt do that, do i explain what happened and how it happened?

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Contempt of court applies only to the violation of a court's orders. Unless the court ordered you two to not say anything bad about each other, you will not prevail on a contempt motion. If it did you may. Good luck!



based on the additional info provided above, do you have another opinion? and could it affect custody if i asked for it?


You should get your child into counseling to deal with this alienating behavior by his father. If it becomes too extreme, it may be a basis for modification of placement if it is causing emotional harm to your child.

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