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I recently answered an ad in craigslist and uploaded a photo and someone posted it on a predator list. What action can I take?

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The poster who I thought was a woman, sent me emails asking me sexual questions. I replied and told them to leave me alone or I would report him for harassment.He immediately responded by sending me a link to a sexual predator list with my picture and email. I tried to delete my profile but the website wants $ 100.00 to do it. I mailed them and told them I have no record of any sexual nature or any criminal activity in over 10 yrs. all misdemeanors. This will affect my job search due to background checks and my personal life. What can be done to resolve this?

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First, stop posting things on Craigslist (or responding to ads) that you don't want the world to know/have - including your pictures. Second you can try to contact the organization who maintains the list and ask them to take down your picture. You may also have a cause of action for defamation if you can prove actual harm (not just emotional). Obtain a copy of the website, then speak with an attorney and lay out the facts. Best of luck.

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The fastest way to get this down is to pay the $100. Stop communicating with this person. If you know the person's identity, take him to small claims.

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