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I received two tickets when I was arrested for my DUI. Do I have to pay both of them if I plead guilty/no contest?

La Crosse, WI |

I understand they are two different tickets; one was driving while intoxicated and one was for driving above the PAC. I had heard that you can only be charged with one because they are essentially the same thing.

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You may be convicted of OWI (DUI) or PAC or both, but you only take the penalties once. This begs the question: Why not fight the case?

At the very least, you should consult with local, experienced DUI defense attorneys. An attorney may see a defense to the case you did not even consider.

Depending on the facts of your case (which you should NOT post online), there may be many things an attorney may do for you.

First, if you hire an attorney, s/he may appear on your behalf. So, there is convenience.

Second, if you want to fight the case, you need an attorney on your side.

Third, if you want extra bargaining power. An attorney may be able to help you avoid an IID requirement or amend this to something other than OWI.

Fourth, attorneys know the process. Did you request an administrative review hearing? This is a hearing in front of the DOT and is completely separate from the court process. You only have 10-13 days to request such a hearing.

Bottom line: Consult directly with local, experienced DUI defense attorneys. Most initial consultations are free. So, you have nothing to lose at first.

Good luck!


I agree at least consult with an attorney before deciding to plead guilty. You've got nothing to lose! Good luck.


As stated, talk with an attorney before taking action. The potential consequences are far more than you may be aware. It is never recommended to plead to an OWI without first talking with qualified counsel. In your area call Todd Schroeder. Good luck.

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