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I received two tickets as a minor-both were dismissed after a period of deferred judgment. Will this show on a background check?

Littleton, CO |

I am no longer a minor. The two tickets I received were a curfew ticket and a minor in possession ticket. I am now applying to an organization that will conduct background checks as part of the selection process. Will either of these offenses show up on the background check?

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Although they won't likely show up on your record, I would still go about the effort to get the two charges expunged under CO law. Because the charges were ultimately dismissed through a deferred judgment and sentence, you are eligible to have an attorney assist you with an expungement, so that there is no chance that the charges will show up.

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Mr. Leroi is correct. First step is to pay a small fee and get a criminal background check to see what, if anything, appears. Of course, to be on the safe side, you can file papers to expunge the arrests. There are free forms available online to help you in that process.