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I received two speeding tickets in two months in CA (San Bernadino and Pasadena). With a clean record, what should I do?

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San Bernadino was for going 82 in a 65, Pasadena one was 79 in 65. I have already postponed the trial dates for each. If I fight the first one and lose, can I still just pay the 2nd one and get traffic school or does that first ticket cost me the chance at traffic school? Do you recommend trial by declaration as a first step for each?

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You have a right to traffic school on either ticket, but only one per year. If you want to fight one and go to traffic school for the other, I suggest fighting the easier one. If you lose your trial, you will have to pay a fine on that ticket as well. I don't recommend trial by declaration unless you have a clear defense (i.e. proof of not breaking the law).

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Fight both tickets with an attorney. You never have to go to court and an attorney might be able to get a dismissal; non point moving violation or fine reduction. I am not a believer in TBD's .

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Trial by declaration, no, never. Most judges will permit defendants who appear along with the officer, to change their plea to guilty and be guaranteed traffic school. If you fight the ticket, while the Court may not state, "if you go to trial, there will be no traffic school", whether to award traffic school is always up the the judge's discretion. He can deny your request without comment.
Hiring an attorney will increase your chances of a plea bargain for a non-point. But trial by declaration, slap yourself. No.

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