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I received my first DWI in NJ with a FL license. Do I just go to DUI school in FL and its reinstated?

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This was in 2010, I didn't have the cash to pay all my NJ fines so I left. I got a driving with a suspended without knowledge in 2011 in FL. I owe about 500 to Hendry Co FL. If I pay and do the DUI school will I get my license reinstated in FL? Do I need to pay the NJ fines at this moment?

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You will need to resolve all the traffic related obligations in NJ. Then comply with your obligations in Florida Once that is done you should be able to get your license reinstated.



Thank you Mr. McMillan for your time. I honestly can't find any information since it's been so long. Should I consult a NJ lawyer in this matter to get this resolved? Or do more NJ web searching at .gov sites and find where I received the DWI?


Unfortunately, in the age of universal computer access each states DL system is connected. As a result in order to obtain a valid Florida License you will have to satisfy the out of state case requirements before you can obtain a Florida license. In reference to the Hendry County case if your license is suspended there which your questions implies it is, you will have to satisfy the Hendry County case also before you get a Florida DL. Of course driving on a suspension now will result in a conviction of DWLS with knowledge if caught and convicted.


Mr. Fussell hits it right on the nose with his answer.

Florida will only grant the same/similar driving privileges you have from another state.

Good Luck.

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