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I received letter from the Philadelphia stating that a lien for wage taxes was issued. I have no assets. What can they do?

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This judgement is from the Self-Assessed Tax Lien Docket for unreported wage taxes. I work in NJ but live in Philadelphia, I never realized the tax wasn't coming out of my check. With interest and penalties, I owe over $20,000. I can not pay that. What are my options? What does this lien mean?
Thank you so much for your time.

Can they garnish my wages or seize my bank account?

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They can't attach assets that don't exist, but they can garnish your wages. The best thing to do first is speak to a tax attorney, who will likely try to make an arrangement with the city for a payment arrangement. They're usually pretty reasonable about it, when they understand that there's been an honest mistake made. They don't want to destroy you, they just want their money, and they're generally willing to work it out so they can get it in a way that doesn't destroy you.

If you're not comfortable with hiring an attorney, you can call the city yourself, if you're more comfortable with that. I've heard of several instances when the city was willing to work with a taxpayer directly.

(I'll admit a little bias, since I am myself a tax attorney)

Either way, best of luck in resolving your issue.

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