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I received an underage drinking citation in Pa. I am from Nj and 17.

Cranford, NJ |

The police said I just pay a fine and it is not on my record but I know Pa has a 90 driver license suspension. What will be reported to NJ. Are there further penalties that will be imposed by NJ?

I was not driving.

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You need to speak to a Pa. attorney on this. Normally you would think it would be reported but DWI in Pa. is criminal and you are a juvenille so I do not know.


Seek a consultation with both a PA and NJ lawyer. I believe it will be reported to NJMVC and translate into a 3 month suspension in NJ

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You need to contact a PA attorney.
If one state suspends your driving privilege and you are not a licensed driver in that state, they are supposed to report the suspension to your home state.

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