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I received a traffic violation notice in Hawthorne, CA by a Camera. Am I required to respond?

Hawthorne, CA |

Its a violation notice for failure to stop at red light taken by a camera. The weird part of the notice is that there is no court contact information and no fine amount. In fact it states at the back "DO NOT CALL THE COURT REGARDING THIS NOTICE". It wants me to identify driver in the violation and send driver license information to Reflex Traffic Systems in Phoenix, AZ.

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You're right... these notices are weird. They're also a scam.

Most counties who installed expensive red light camera systems now realize they can't successfully prosecute the cases, due to a recent US Supreme Court ruling on evidence, so they've started sending out these notices.

There is no legal authority for any action against you if you ignore it.

NOTE: Make sure the notice you received on a red light ticket isn't a notice to appear in court! If you ignore one of THOSE, you could wind up with a warrant for your arrest.

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