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I received a ticket for driving with expired license tabs.

Bellevue, WA |

I received a ticket for driving with expired license tabs. The officer checked the "traffic" violation box, not the non-traffic box. Is it correct that expired tabs is a "traffic" violation?

I have recently deferred as traffic ticket and am concerned that this will affect the deferral. Though I don't know much about this, it seems more liek a non-traffic ticket. Thank you for any help.

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It's not incorrect for the officer to check 'traffic' because technically, a tabs violation is part of Washington's motor vehicle code; however, this kind of infraction is a nonmoving violation, meaning that it should not by itself affect your insurance.

However, this type of ticket COULD (but won't necessarily) affect a deferred finding but this depends on the type of deferred finding you have and the court in which you took your deferred finding.



I ahd the same thing happen to me the other day. The officer had said it would not go on my driving record becasue it was not a mvoing violation. With Traffic checked it would; is that correct?

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