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I received a speeding ticket from I-5 in WA . Are there loopholes in the sherriff's ticketing process to fight it?

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The ticket was for speeding and while I was going over the limit, I was driving along with others going the same, but I was the one he pulled over. Although I've been ticketed in the past, my record was clean prior to this. The sherriff didn't ask for the usual info of registration or insurance. How do I know that I am the actual car he had on radar? Is there a website that shows the guidelines a sherriff must follow in order to have the ticket stand in court?

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Most speeding ticket challenges are won on technicalities. There is no formula per se, it's a matter of knowing the potential issues and rules as applied to the facts of your case. I do not recommend representing yourself, nor arguing that you were not the only one speeding. The fact that no one else got pulled over is not going to get the ticket dismissed. But if there is a discovery violation, calibration issues with the speed measuring device, or something missing in the report, these could allow for you to prevail.

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The affidavit and report the officer filed will be the first step to fighting the ticket. A discovery request properly filed with the prosecutor will mean all the difference in this type of case. Also never admit you were over the limit or you lose. If your driving record has to stay clean hire a lawyer who practices in traffic court where the ticket was issued.
Good Luck

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I agree with Mr. Alexander - never admit to driving at any speed above the legal limit. Excercise your right to remain silent. How you know he had the right car is to request a Contested Hearing and make the State prove it. Retain a local Attorney who regularly defends clients with traffic infractions. Good Luck!

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