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I received a short calendar list claim/reclaim form from my ex's attorney today. Her words - "See attached Reclaim"

Stamford, CT |

I did not recognize the motions she had listed - Motion for Order, Motion for Sanctions and Reimb. and Order to Show Cause/Motion to Modify. I asked her to send me these motions, but she states she did not file the motions (but they all have a motion number before them). What is this form about? I am confused as we have a standing court date coming up to address our outstanding issues - I have 4 Motions that I have filed - do I need to do something to be sure they are heard at our upcoming court date?

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First regardless of who filed the motions you can see them at the court house in the file. If you are on good terms with the opposing attorney it is not unreasonable to ask them to send you a copy of what they have claimed to the short calendar.

If you are not on good terms with them, and it may be that your ex has told them to be unhelpful to you, then you have to look at the court file. In Connecticut family files are available only at the court house, and the terms used to caption them on the list or on the slip can be unhelpful. Let the clerk know tha tyou are one of the parties so they leave teh file intact, otherwise they may remove private portions of the file.

I would expect that the attorney would tell you what they have asked to go forward on, though I am sorry to say there are some who will not help. Burt they should at least tell you in general wha they are trying to do. Some attonreys have been hurt trying to help a pro se and others have a legitimate for concern of appearing to be working against their own client. Some clients get very upset with attorneys who try to be cooperative.

That courthouse is right in the center of town and has its own parking so getting in and out especially at lunch time can be very easy.

Good luck.

I don't usually say this here but it sounds as though you may need an attorney.

This not legal advice which can only be given after a full disclosure and discussion regarding your particular situation. Any answer or comment by the attorney des not create an attorney client relationship and is not protected by privelege.



Thanks for this response. Not sure I asked my question correctly - The judge gave us a date to come back and address all matters. I received this reclaim from ex's attorney - she is saying she did not file the motions - why reclaim them? Do I need to reclaim my current motions even though the judge gave us a date to come back?


I agree with Attorney Gordon but would like to add the following:
A reclaim slip is a form used to have a motion put back on the calendar. The motions on it would have had to have been previously filed. It could be that the attorney is reclaiming them to make sure they appear on the calendar.
I would contact the clerk's office and have them confirm the court date and the motions that have been assigned to be heard that day. Best to do it in person so that you can also see the motions that she filed as well.


Get counsel to guide and protect you and they will get the motions. You can also contact counsels office and ask for copies to be sent to you and confirm they have the right address. Lastly the clerk's office at the court where your case is pending will have the file and you can see it. There will be the motions in question for you to review

This information provided is in the nature of general information and in no way creates an attorney client relationship with anyone including the individual who posted the question.

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