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I received a settlement about 10 yrs ago and I'm still having medical issues and bills piling up, can I go back for more money?

Springfield, NJ |

I was hit by a car and lost my top front teeth and I now need implants that will cost me about 9k in order to keep my Smile. : ( how can I go about getting this taken care of.

if not is there any way to sue for pain and suffering , distress ect. sorry about the missed information but I was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle if that changes anything.

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If you injuries resulted from a car accident or a fall, etc. that was not related to you working at your job at the time, you will be unable to open the case for more money. If your injuries are a result of being injured at work, there may be a chance depending on how it was resolved. Either way, you may want to contact the attorney that you had at the time to double check since he/she will be more familiar with your case.


You probably signed a General Release when you settled the case. If so, you gave up your right to claim additional compensation for future problems.


Highly unlikely


probably not, unless there were monies held up in an annuity, etc to pay for these sort of things.



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No. You will have to rely on your current medical insurance.If you do not currently have insurance, you should sign up for a plan under the Affordable Care Act. You can not be disqualified because of your pre-existing conditions.

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For pain and suffering, the answer is no. An auto injury settlement, non-work related, is a one and done settlement. However, if you carried PIP (medical expense coverage under your auto policy, which is very likely as long as you were not uninsured at the time), you have an outside chance of getting the medical bills paid if this dental treatment was reasonably expected and foreseeable at the time., and would depend on whether your treating dentist had included it within his treatment plan, and within records that would have been part of your PIP file at the insurance carrier. It is a long shot, and would depend on what the records say, but I have been successful on this argument in the past.

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