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I received a misdemeanor marijuana ticket in 1998,how can I expunge it myself without a lawyer

Warren, OH |
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First you have to make sure you are eligilbe for expungement. A person is eligibile for expungement if they have not more than two misdemeanor convictions. If the person has two misdemeanors the convictions can not be for the same thing. A person can not have more than one felony and one misdemeanor. The charge must also be eligible. Possession of marijuana is tyipcally expungeable. Keep in mind the court still has discretion to reject expungement. It is possible to handle an expungement without an attorney. You need to file a Petition/Motion for Expungement. Some courts have forms on their websites. If you can not find one on your courts website you could try your local library or the Hamilton Municipal Court. I believe Hamilton has a motion onlnie. Good luck.

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You can try to do it yourself. It would help to have a lawyer, but if it is a clear-cut issue, you might be successful on your own.

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