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I received a DUI 2 years ago and did not go to school or did community service but paid my fines. A warrant is out for my arrest

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I received my first DUI 2 years ago and did not go to school or did community service but paid my fines. It wasnt too serious, just a DUI and stayed overnight. A warrant is out for my arrest I'm sure. I want to know what might happen next and what I should do. I haven't gotten any accidents since or been able to drive because I travel for work so I couldnt do the time. How much would this cost in the end, and also how much time do I get in jail and fines ? Please I'm very scared so Im avoiding to come forth but if I wait longer its going to get worse.

I also cant be in jail for more than 2 months even if its required, will there be a way to get out of it if I were to pay?

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There is 6 months of jail time hanging over your head. The fact that it has been 2 years since you plead guilty and have failed to obey the court orders I would highly recommend hiring an attorney to assist you. Until you get this resolved there is most likely a warrant for your arrest and your license is most likely in a suspended status.
Robert Driessen


Unfortunately, a DUI is not going to go away. Hire a lawyer, and s/he will negotiate with the authorities on how and where you will turn yourself in. I strongly advise you not to display the attitude that "it wasn't too serious." No judge is going to want to see that you don't take the matter seriously. Unfortunately, DUIs are looked at very seriously in the US. MADD has seen to that, and right or wrong, you need to present yourself as embarassed, contrite, and ashamed of your behavior. A good lawyer can certainly present your case in its best light, but by not following the order of the court when you were sentenced, you may very well spend some time in jail. The first step is to hire a lawyer.


A DUI is very serious. I think your position of thinking it's not serious has probably gotten you into trouble. Although many people get DUIs and don't commit another crime, it's very serious. If you don't comply with probation, you can expect jail time. The classes are very important. You need to complete them to get your license back. You need to do community service if you agreed to do it, but you will probably get jail for not doing it and waiting for so long. Retain a lawyer to add the case to calendar to recall the warrant. You should retain a criminal defense attorney that is local to your courthouse.