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I receive ssi monthly payments but recently became self employed, will I get put on a trail period ?

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I work from home, will my benefits stop? How long will I be able to stay self employed? I make very little I can estimate within a 12 month period I might make around 5 to 600$ a year I feel really ashamed saying that but I'm trying to do some work from my home although its not that much

Also,should I file taxes and would I qualify for any earn income tax credit ?

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As for the social security part, self-employment is treated differently than being employed and receiving wages.
SSA also looks at hours put into the business per month, your duties in the business and how long you sustain this activity.
If you worked 40 hrs a week for a whole year, it would not matter that you make only $600 for that year. Your actions and work at being self-employed would show you are capable of working and you could lose your benefits.
I would strongly suggest talking with your local social security field office and always report any income.
It's better to be safe than sorry.


Your concerns are valid, but this is not an employment question as you have tagged it, but rather a Social Security and tax question. If you repost it with the correct tags your concerns will more likely attract the attention of the right practitioners.

The first issue is the nature of the benefits you are receiving. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a welfare program for the poor elderly and disabled. If you are receiving SSI your income must be reported on a monthly basis and your monthly in Month 3 can be reduced on account of income in Month 1. The concern for Trial Work Period suggests you are receiving Social Security disability benefits. It will not be involved in your case until you are able to earn enough income that meets the substantial gainful activity (SGA) level, now $1,040 per month. Whether you will qualify for earned income credit is uncertain. For the official explanation of the rules, go here:'s-not-just-for-families-with-children

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Make sure you report it to avoid an overpayment. If that is all you earn you will still be able to collect SSI, but the amount will vary based on actual earnings.

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