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I receive SSI disablilty as a disabled asylee. I am 55 years old. My SSI will run out next year. This is because of seven yr

Cerritos, CA |

limit. After my SSI is out, do I qualify for Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants(CAPI) in California. This is what they say, "The State Legislature approved and the Governor signed Assembly Bill (AB) 2779 authorizing
a State-only program to provide cash assistance to certain aged, blind, and disabled legal
non-citizens who are not eligible for Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental
Payment (SSI/SSP)."

WHat do you think? Would I qualify?

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It is unclear why you believe your federal SSI benefits will be ending, however you are correct in believing that you may be eligible for benefits through the California CAPI program. CAPI was created primarily to provide assistance to those persons who were disqualified from the SSI program because of the new citizenship rules but who could not take steps to become a U.S. Citizen basically because of advanced age or some other type of disability. If you are able to begin the citizenship process, I recommend that you do so. Contact the county welfare office in your community for additional information about the CAPI program.

This is not a substitute for a consultation with an attorney or advocate in your community with a background in welfare law and immigration issues.



As an asylee if I do not become a citizen within 7 years of getting SSI, I become disqualified. If I am unable to become citizen, can i still get CAPI?

Daphne Lori Macklin

Daphne Lori Macklin


Not sure but the welfare department staff should be able to advise you about this. You may also want to consult with one of the immigrant legal assistance programs that may be available in your community.

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