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I receive SSDI which has my medicaid and medicare and receive ssi check from my dad if i get married what will happen 2 benifits

Lubbock, TX |

Will i lose my Medicaid and medicare? what will i lose? how will i be effected?

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Your question only gives sketchy facts, but let me try to explain as best I can: Getting married won't affect your SSDI benefit, which gives you Medicare. However, your wife's income will be counted in calculating whether you still remain eligible for SSI, which automatically qualifies your for Medicaid in most states. You may want to talk to your social security office or an elder law attorney.

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Generally, getting married will not affect your Social Security Disability status because it is not a welfare program. However, SSI and Medicaid are welfare programs. If you get married your spouse's income would be deemed available for you and could disqualify you for SSI and Medicaid.

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