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I rear-ended a car that was already involved in a rear-end collision due to myself being cut-off by her Aunt...

Beaumont, TX |

I rear-ended a car that was already involved in a rear-end collision. A lady that was following her neice pulled in front of me to closely on the freeway. I preceeded to back off from her and almost immediately after pulling in front of me she locks her brakes up and swerves into the other lane. Directly in front of me was her neice that had already rear-ended someone in slow moving traffic and was already stopped. By her cutting me off I could not see the events that were unfolding in front of me. I did not have the ability to dodge the accident by swerving into the other lane as there were other vehicles beside me. I did not receive the ticket. The girl that I rear-ended received the ticket for not properly controlling speed and was labeled as the initiating event. Do I bear fault?

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Based on the facts you laid out it doesn't appear that you bear any fault for the incident. The other driver violated your right of way by negligently entering your lane resulting in the collision.

Typically rear-end-collisions are the fault of the rear ending car (you) in your fact pattern but your collision is the exception being that you were lawfully in your lane when another car "cut you off". There was nothing you could do to avoid the collision so you are not liable for the crash.


Yes and no. Not your fault that you were cut off etc, but generally, each driver is supposed to keep his vehicle under proper control and avoid hitting car(s) in front. Report it to your insurance company and they'll sort it out.


Simply report it to your insurance company to resolve. That's why we all have insurance. Good luck.

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