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I really need your good advice. Me and my fiance are buying a house and he refuses to put my name on the deed. Right now I dont

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have a job, but will be working in the nearest future. He wants me to help him with bills and everything and already talking about how I gonna cut the grass... Is it just me, or you too have a feeling that something is completly wrong here? He expects help, but doesnt give me any rights. He insists what he wants is correct and fair only because of the fact that hes paying the downpayment. Please advice!

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You are asking questions that are not truly answerable from a legal perspective. My suggestion would be that you consult some people you trust for their opinions (a minister, a marriage counselor) and who may help you work through your concerns before you get married.

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If a loan is needed to purchase the home, there may be good reason to not include you on the loan, since you are currently unemployed. It may also have something to do with how he views your long term relationship with him. Your best bet is to speak candidly with him about your concerns. If he agrees to some arrangement, even if it is in the future, you should put it in writing and both sign it. Part of living in a home is maintaining the property, whether you are a renter or an owner.

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If it does not put your name on the property and something happen before you all are married then it is solely his property. Even if you help.

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Stop, take a deep breath, sit down and think carefully about moving forward on this one.