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I really need to know if I can mail the green card based on marriage right now or wait tell i get the second vaccine shot?

Alexandria, VA |

The civil surgeon told me to get a couple of shots and everything else is fine, now to get the shots might take a couple of months ,I have everything ready to be mailed ,just wondering does the civil surgeon gonna give me that sealed envelope after getting the first shot or not,and does it work if i mail the package then after a couple of months the envelope ?

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You should submit the medical form with your application or else you risk denial. Ask your doctor when he expects to release the form to you.

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If you will mail your package without medical exam , uscis will sent you a request to provide a medical exam. Usually you have 87 days to provide additional evidence.


The civil surgeon should complete everything before giving you the medical exam results. Get the shots, complete the medical and send everything in together. If you submit the package without the medical you risk having your paperwork rejected. If it is not rejected you should not submit the medical unless USCIS requests it (otherwise they will lose it) or you can bring it to your interview. Best though is to submit everything together. If you have any other questions you can reach me thru my website below. Good luck!

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