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I really don't know whats happened, I had recently had important information to provide to the prosecution regarding my DV case

Long Beach, CA |

1. Left 3 messages and 2 email for lead detective- no response
2. Called prosector _ she answered phone and talked to me in derogatory manner
3. Spoke with her boss and she stated that I called and verbally assaulted the prosecutor
4. That Friday went to DA's office to see someone in person
5. The new prosecutor handling my case greeted me
6. meeting was awkward and nervous for her, and a lady rather man size would come out and hover in lobby
7. I left DA office Man Lady followed me out the building
8. Called today to get more info, was informed that I had made hostile threats on Friday when I came to DA's office and the receptionist and new DA witnessed it??!!!

whats going on? I know I did no such thing and will go under oath to prove it. This makes absolutely no sense, I am speechless

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Attorney answers 1


Well, there are two possibilities. You are not realizing how you are coming across or a lot of people are lying. I would suggest you find an attorney to help you sort out the problem.

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