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I purchased a new vehicle 1/21/2013 and just found out it had body repair work done. What can be done to turn the car back in?

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I leased a new 2013 touring on Jan 21st 2013 , I went to car max today to see how bad I would be upside down if I traded in the SUV to get into a truck . I was told by their appraiser the the back quarter panel had been repainted . Upon more review we noticed a drip mark in the paint and evidence of rough edges due to body work on the panel . We also noticed a crease in the back panel along with the other damage . Can I return this car or get damages for diminished value to go towards a down payment of a new car ?

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The first thing to do is get the vehicle inspected by a certified appraiser. If the body work is obvious then the dealership probably knew about the damage before it sold it to you. If that is the case ask them for your money back and Gove them the car I'd they refuse, you need a lawyer.

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You need to start "building" your case now, via writings. Phone calls will not do at all. Call a good consumer protection attorney in TX for advice on how to make this work against dealer, found here:

Dana Karni, Amy Kleinpeter and Sharon Campbell come to mind as top attorneys in TX for this area of law. Feel free to say hello for me.