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I presently collect NJ Unemployment, while residing in Florida. I want to get a Sales and Use tax certificate in order to sell m

Clinton, NJ |

y art at Art Festivals in Florida and else where. Will I be jeopardizine my Unemployment compensation by getiting the Certificate and selling my Art? I think I can and would only have to report taxes collected to the appropriate state and income to NJ Unemployment for the week I sell something...amI correct?

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As a Florida attorney with extensive sales and use tax experience I can tell you I am unaware of any provision of Florida law that requires the state to report sales and use tax collected or paid by Florida businesses to other states, which is what presumably would "jeopardize" your rights to NJ unemployment compensation. While I am unfamiliar with New Jersey law, I believe the relevant issue is HOW New Jersey requires you to report income or employment. Check the eligibility requirements on the state website, and the forms you completed or received from the unemployment offices. It may require you to report NJ employment / income, "all" such income, or perhaps there is no such requirement at all.