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I posted on a private non-endorsed or underwritten military forum, there threatining to track my ip address and contact my boss

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I posted an opinion regarding how poorly the military treats people on a coast guard forum, one of the moderators/administrators has said they are forwarding the information (which was opinion and did not breach operational security, and nothing illegal was said) they said they will be using my IP address to contact my command and damage my reputation.. their policy states they only use personal information in the event of a legal breach. How can I stop this from happening? Can I take it to litigation if the forum does damage my reputation

The forum is a private-non endorsed and non supported coast guard forum. The military has no affiliation with the forum, the moderator is trying to use my IP to find me and contact my command and let them know my opinion, I believe this is an invasion of privacy, and contradicts their privacy policy. If by some reason they do, do I have a right to take the case before a judge?

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If the forum is not following their own published policies they are in breach of contract.

I think you could hire a lawyer to stop them from forwarding your comments as that is inviolation of the stated privacy policy.

However, realize they do not have to remove the post - so others could get you in trouble.

This post is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice specific to you. This general information is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney in your jurisdiction. The attorney client relationship is not established by this post.


Even if they track down your ip they would still have to somehow show you did it versus your friend. The question is whether your posting is prejudicial to good order and discipline. There is case law on service bees posting messages in Facebook and other social media. | | 202-738-1382 | DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for public and educational use only, it does not form an attorney-client relationship and it is not intended as legal advice. Nothing replaces a confidential consultation with an attorney. This communication may be considered attorney advertising. Do not post any privileged information, instead contact an attorney directly.


There are two separate issues here:
1) Your relationship with the forum you posted on
2) Your relationship with the Coast Guard

Now, the forum may or may not be breaching its terms of service. And you may or may not have a cause of action, either via injunction to keep them from contacting the Coast Guard or for actual damages if they get in contact with the Coast Guard and the service then takes some sort of adverse action against you.

But your relationship with the Coast Guard is separate. You, as a member of the service, are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Depending on what was said, if you've been cautioned in the past not to participate in such forums, or other such factors, your command could elect to move forward with administrative or disciplinary action.

There was a case recently of a Marine who posted to Facebook, was cautioned to cease and desist, didn't, and was ADSEPd. I'm not saying this is your case. I am saying that, in addition to talking to a civil rights/defamation attorney, you should talk to your local defense counsel (meaning you may need to call down to the Navy's DSO to get a field call) to make sure you're covered on that side as well.

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