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I plead guity to a recieving stolen property a motor cycle and a un lawful use of a moter vehicle back in 1988 or 1989 didnt

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know they both ended up being felony's and and placed on my record now 20 plus years later it may be a potential problem on my job that i hve been a model citizin for 20 plus years can these be removed or expunged from my record and neither crime was a now violent crime and i hve not been any trouble since.

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Expungement of criminal convictions in Pennsylvania are governed by 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 9122 (see link below). Unfortunately, the 20 years that have passed has no bearing on statutory eligibility... unless you have reached the age of 70 years old or have been dead for three years --no, I'm not making that up! Here's the relevant part of the statute:

Criminal history record information may be expunged when:
(1) An individual who is the subject of the information reaches 70 years of age and has been free of arrest or prosecution for ten years following final release from confinement or supervision.
(2) An individual who is the subject of the information has been dead for three years.

Sorry, but expungment does not appear to be an option for you unless you meet one of the above-quoted statutory requirements.

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These cases cannot be expunged unless you receive a Governor's Pardon. It is suggested that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. It is a complicated process that will take several years to complete. Good luck.


I entirely agree with my colleague from Media. Unlike other states, Pennsylvania frowns upon expungements, pardons and record sealings because the Commonwealth perceives criminal proceedings to be matters of public record

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You cannot expunge misdemeanors or felonies. But, before you give up, get your criminal history from the PA State Police to confirm what you have on your records. Some of my clients have no recollection of what happened to them in court 20 years ago.


They cannot be expunged.