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I pay fees on behalf of my employers clients out of my own pocket and they then reimburse me.

Ontario, CA |

However, it seems I never have use of my money as there is always someone else to pay the fees for. This has tied up over $3000.00 for the last several months. Do I have to do this?

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It is almost impossible to understand why an employee would advance fees for customers of his/her employer. You don't indicate the type of business but I'm not sure it would make any difference. To specifically answer your question, no.

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I agree with Mr. Doland


I agree this is probably illegal, but the manner in which it is handled can mak a huge difference. Even if it is ilegal to fire or discipline you for protesting illegal pay practices, the law only provides a remedy after the fact. If your employer fires you, illegally or otherwise, you are the one without a job in this rotten economy. You may want to work with an attorney with whom you can develop a strategy to better protect your job -- though there never are any guarantees. An employer who breaks one law may also break other laws.

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