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I pay child support so high that i can't afford to live on my owne income what can i do

Manchester, NH |

during the course of my divorce i charged with afsa and as a result i was ordered to pay child support so high that if it wasn't for my girlfriend i would not be able to support myself. what can i do to get help to change this problem? the biggest problem is that i am so broke because of this court order i can't afford to retain legal help.

I was also ordered to pay alimoney that was supose to end after three years but because i got behind with my suport the office of child suport kept it going to make up for my back suport. is there a way to make the dept. of child suport to give me a complete accounting of what has been payed and what still needs to be payed if at all.

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If your income is low, you can call the New Hampshire Bar Association for a referral to an attorney for a reduced fee or for no fee. You will have to provide financial information to determine if you qualify for the program.