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I pay child support for 1 child, but i have custody of 2 children, how do i get my child support payments reduced

Austin, TX |

I live on my own with my 2 kids and im struggling, im also on assistance from the state, but have to pay a great big amount on child support, for the 3 child. how do i resolve the issue?

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You can apply for services with the OAG for free to ask for a reduction based on changed circumstances. You don't say if you are getting child support from the other parent of the 2 children you have custody of -- if not, you should! If you owe back support on child no. 3 you will still have to pay it even if child support is reduced. You can hire a private attorney to do it faster but you will have to pay money up front. Good luck.

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Your support should drop, however this is only if the two children you say you have custody of now are yours biologically or through legal custody orders. You can go the OAG route or hire a private attorney (which is quicker.)

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